Video of the Day - Dancing Light Orb by Director Zhang Yimou

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from the project:

2047 Apologue

a concept performance in 8 parts

by director Zhang Yimou

this video is the teaser for the last part of the show called "Weaving Machine"

Chinese director Zhang Yimou who is best known for his movies "Raise the Red Lantern", "Hero" and "The Great Wall" but also for directing the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics returns to the theater stage with his concept perfomance "2047 APOLOGUE".

Zhang Yimou has unveiled his latest work at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Based on Peking Opera "Sanchakou," "2047 Apologue" is breaking the form of traditional stage plays, combining Chinese folk art with the latest technology. The show aims to mirror reality, commenting on how science and technology are a huge part of life in the 21st century. The show consists of 8 parts, each combining a traditional chinese craft, music or dance style with modern high tech such as lasers, robots, drones and kinetics.

WHITEvoid was commissioned to create, program and direct the kinetic display for the last part of the show called "Weaving Machine". The 9 minute performance features 640 motorized LED spheres, an anchient chinese weaving machine and a modern dancer. German motor winch producer KINETIC LIGHTS provided the vertical hoist systems for the LED spheres and control software. Russian RADUGADESIGN animated a complementing video backdrop and CPG Concepts from Hong Kong provided the dance choreography for british dancer Rose Alice.

Le Mouvement de L'air - Dance Production by Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot

"The performance matches seemingly impossible visions: images look alive while bodies fly, defying gravity. The acrobatic and digital choreography outlines a body language that involves a new relationship to time, space and the whole world. Beyond looking for technical achievement, what matters is the attempt at creating a motion dreamscape by way of images."

Behind the Scenes of LightSpin with Eric Paré

We saw LightSpin about a month ago and were blown away with the meticulous effort and clarity of vision from Eric Paré  that were needed to achieve the effect. As promised, here is the Behind The Scenes video. 

From the project page:

"This is the story of how I managed to take half a million pictures of contemporary dancers in the dark using light-painting, stop-motion and bullet-time techniques."

Also see the full video »


The Quick Crew

From their website:

"Quick is Norwegian dance crew based in Oslo. Quick was formed in 2006 by twin brothers Suleman and Bilal Malik and their childhood friend Nasir Sirikhan. A year later also b-boy Kim Daniel Eriksen joined the crew. They started dancing in 2004 and have in few years managed to become one of the most successful dance crews in Europe."