Commander Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity Redux

UPDATE: After over a year, the rights have been secured again for this amazing version of Space Oddity. Read the story »

Commander Chris Hadfield has made his own version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, shot and recorded on the International Space Station.

I am so blown away by this guy: photographer, creative as all get out, funny, an ASTRONAUT, doing it all from his tin can. Bad ass!  

photo (3).PNG

3 - Award Winning Short: Voiceover

Award-winning... damn straight. Moving, fun, lovely.

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3 - Vibrant Under Sea

Lynnete Wallworth made this beautiful video installation Coral, Rekindling Venus , which was selected to screen at the Sundance Film Festival this year. 


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my pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring photographer - Amon Focus
While it's not the camera, it's the not the software, it's not the lens, it's not the gear that makes a great photo so great, they all do help the photographer capture what it is his eye wants us to see. 
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4 - The Flawed Symmetry of Prediction: Expressive Timelapse Project

I don't know what this is or how to explain it. Its effect however is mesmerizing. Expressive, engaging, gorgeous and visually stunning.

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction is an outstanding short film by filmmaker Jeff Frost: 

"I roam the deserts of California and Utah looking for abandoned structures. When I find a room that I like, I paint large scale optical illusions on the inside of it. I record this process with time lapse photography. It took me over half a year and more than 40,000 high resolution still images to produce this film on my Canon 60D. Aside from painting supplies, the only other equipment I used was a borrowed tripod, and some pretty unconventional lighting. As post production goes, no graphics or CGI was used whatsoever."


5 - Timelapse Coincidentally Captures a Fire in Downtown Montreal

Photographer Evan Kitaljevich writes,

This was honestly my first attempt at making a time-lapse. I downloaded/figured out LRtimelapse (the trial version) in the afternoon then went out around sunset to shoot [...] Pan and zoom were added in post [...] To anyone who wants to try this, my best advice is to use a really sturdy (possibly weighed down) tripod. I wish I had one, because shooting with a GorillaPod in a bit of wind made the camera shake between frames. I used the AE warp stabilizer to try and smooth it out, but it still looks a bit weird and wobbly.

5 - Skateboarder, Meet Deer.