The Hater Box — Artwork by Parse/Error

Parse Error uses the old analog flip display to generate 45 different phrases in his project The Hater Box

By mixing many concepts, from the most serious to the lightest, The Hater Box triggers an avalanche of thoughts in the observer, chaining laugh, anger, indignation or assertion of his own ideas, leaving little room for a real reflection on the meaning of these words or on his own opinion.


Movies to Watch — Black Panther — Get $5 Off Your First Ticket

Disclosure: I am a product designer at Atom, so I am a bit biased, but the offer is available for anyone to use when they sign up for an Atom account.

A new series on the blog here is to feature movies that I am excited to see and share. This upcoming addition to the Marvel Universe is highly anticipated (the reports have it selling more pre-sale tickets than any other in the franchise. 

I already got my tickets for Black Panther, which opens February 16. I have an offer to get $5 off for your first ticket when you join Atom Tickets (use the promo code SQUAD).