Paper Sculptures That Defy Expectations

A traditional Chinese papercraft is to make these toys, flowers and dragons and whatnot out of honeycomb latticed layers of delicate colored paper. Pull them apart and the form appears.

Li Hongbo, a Beijing book editor and designer, has worked almost in reverse. The flattened shape IS the form, often an entirely believable facsimile of an object that suddenly and inexplicably folds and extends. It is quite uncanny, especially when human forms are the ones the open and unfold.

Bee Made 3D Printed Bust and Bottle

Master beekeeper, Robin Theron, and The Ebeling Group assembled as many as 80.000bees to create a bottle and a bust of honey, made by bees. 

The project was Dewar’s latest promotion of their new Highlander Honey whiskey.

Bees build their honeycomb inwards, and given an inverse scaffolding on which they could build,  several colonies finished building after about 6 weeks.