Guest Post - Matt Orr - 5 Valentine's Day Kickstarter Gifts For Your Loved Ones


Today's Guest Post is from Matt Orr, best known for fighting the Kraken using nothing but the bow Daryl uses in the Walking Dead. Some say "oh sure, unlimited bows, of course he did it" but whatever, Matt still is famous for it. Matt spends his days contemplating how the air behind the glowing rectangles he stares at can possibly hold all the worlds information. He's an avid Crossfitter and many say he holds the answers to all questions. In fact, feel free to ask him anything. He has an opinion. For real, "5 Answers Matt Can Teach You Today" has a certain ring to it... 

1.  For Grandparents

Flag: Let me break this down simply. Once a month you select 20 photos from your phone or social network of choice and those 20 photos show up on yours (or a loved one's) doorstep for free. Be a hero to your family and send these photos to your 

2. For the bacon lover

Basically, I think this 8bit Sauces Bacon Ketchup would get me laid if I bought it for my boyfriend, so I hope it helps you too. It combines the taste of bacon and the artistry of video games in one package.

3. So he/she can always text "I love you"

Nanotips - In my opinion, a true test of my love to someone is me actually taking the time, removing my gloves, and braving the Polar Vortex on my delicate hands to type back the words "I love you" on my cell phone. Now I don't have to take off my gloves, and if I never tell my boyfriend I use Nanotips then he will really think I made a sacrifice.

4. Say "I love you" with the ever-loving future

OK, I get it. If you buy GLYPH for your partner it will probably be the last time you ever talk to them because, for the rest of their life, they will look like Daft Punk Robot as they watch every TV drama known to man. But, it is Valentines day, so you're supposed to sacrifice. Trust me. Buy this.

5. No one has this and your loved one needs it.

SMARTWALLIT - I've walked out of relationships because I got tired of saying "I don't know where the Hell you put it".  Can you imagine how strong your relationship will be  when you never have to have the conversation "I don't know where you put it" again?

Song of the Day - Creep (Radiohead cover) by Kawehi


From her kickstarter page:

The fourth time I kickstarted...yep, here we are!  I can't believe this is the fourth time I've done this.  Making a record used to be such a private thing for me - I'm a private person in general, so sharing something so intimate to me is incredibly difficult.  But after every time, in the end, I feel so grateful to have experienced this with all of you out there.  Besides the fact that I'm doing everything D.I.Y. - and that you're the reason why I get to do what I love - this journey wouldn't be the same without you, and I'm just starting to realize that now.