5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. 2010-11-17_1024I didn't know you could do those things on a bike. Any one know what this kinda biking is called? Something other than awesome? http://bit.ly/9HjrAx

2. Vanity Fair presents a series of "My Desk" photo shoots of famously successful entertainment folks http://bit.ly/96qdp9

3. Photos of Mecca from 1885 http://bit.ly/a50zjY

4. I mentioned this Dutch guy who runs from his camera a couple of videos ago. Here's his blog http://bit.ly/d8Jye2

5. If Acoustic Archaeology were offered in the course catalogue when I was at school, I definitely would have taken it http://bit.ly/a5TL7U