5 things I learn today (and don't want to forget) - episode 3 - Season 2 Travel Edition

1. This artist goes on a helicopter ride over a city, then lands and draws the whole thing from memory http://bit.ly/d08YFL

2. Looking through facebook statuses and relationship statuses in aggregate gives us: key breakup times http://bit.ly/c3mTo6

3. WTF!? A series of WTF moments http://bit.ly/ccGrjF

4. Like the famous Mole People of the Lower Eastside in Manhattan, there are people living in the storm tunnels under Las Vegas http://bit.ly/98oZPJ

5. There are a great many ways to make good design decisions when planning or designing a website, and most of them have to do with understanding the user. The UI Conference 15 (#UI15) and its great presenters showed that in spades http://bit.ly/dadYFk


Very special thanks to Nick Bowman, Eric Birnbaum, Michael Grossman (@uxarts), Josh DiMauro (@paperbits), David Gray (@davegray), Tamara Adlin (@tamaraadlin), Leah Buley (@ugleah) and Vanessa Fox (@vanessafox ).