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my pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring dancer - Jessica Pope Pinelli

my pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring dancer - Jessica Pope Pinelli

Your body is your instrument. The body is shaped, disciplines, honored and in time, trusted. The body is a sacred garment. The body says what words cannot.
—Martha Graham

The discipline and training involved in the art of dance is sometimes staggering. It is more than just a rehearsal routine, it is a lifestyle. 

We've asked our dear friend and dancer, Jessica Pope Pinelli, to pick 5 things everyone aspiring to the dancer lifestyle could use.


1. Dance Socks

A dancer needs to keep her body and all its joints warm and protected (and preferably stylish). So whether they are hand-knit from Esty or something more workaday, get some socks to allow for grip while still warming. They look great too.

Hand-knit Toeless Socks

Hand-knit Toeless Socks

2. A Good Bag

After working on your grace and movement, the last thing you want to do is stumble out of class. A good bag will make sure you can extend your style from the studio to the streets without missing a beat.

Some favorites include Val Jacobs, this Murray Striped Tote (if you are in Australia, only, unfortunately), or this Gym Rat Bag (to the right). 

What this Multi Compartment Large Dance Bag may lack in style, if makes up for in function. 

3. Foot Scrub

Surgeons have their hands, painters their eyes, singers their throats and dancers their feet. So take care of them. Honor them. Pamper them. Soak them. Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak 10 oz is a favorite. 

4. Photo Inspiration

There are so many wonderful dance photos that are so inspiring. If it speaks to you it will probably speak to a dancer.


This Ailey Ascending: A Portrait in Motion is a prime example. 

5. Motion Inspiration

When it comes down to it, dance is motion.  So in addition to getting to see as many performances in person as possible, spending some time watching film and video of dance will inspire, educate and joy the dancer in all of us. Place - Mikhail Baryshnikov showcases the master with compelling clarity.

Jessica Pope Pinelli - photo by John Joseph Revisky

Jessica Pope Pinelli - photo by John Joseph Revisky

Jessica Pope Pinelli


Jessica Pope Pinelli is a dancer and a mother living in Sarasota, FL, most recently dancing with Moving Ethos Dance Company.

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