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my Pick - 5 things to Buy the Golfer in Your Life - David Burgess

my Pick - 5 things to Buy the Golfer in Your Life - David Burgess

In his 1500 miles road trip to play 13 rounds of Golf Digest's Top U.S. Public Courses, our friend and golfer, David Burgess, has learned a thing or two. We asked him to pick 5 things that have helped him in his pursuit of ever better scores and more memorable golf experiences.

1. The Mind Set

Find your basic goodness and unconditional confidence. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game provides a framework and series of practical exercises to improve the mental part of your game.

2. The Technique

Augmented reality. Swing speed. Launch angle. Shoulder tilt. Back spin. Get lost in the data points of your golf swing. Start with a swing evaluation. If you know someone in the market for some new clubs, a club fitting with GolfTec is a sure way to the right equipment and fewer strokes on the course.

Note: For the sadistic gift giver, pair the items above.

3. The Style

Golf shoes are generally terrible. These Ecco Golf Street Shoes aren’t. Street golf shoes are the new trend with FootJoy and Kikkor in the game as well.

4. The Tech

GolfShot is a solid app that keeps score, tracks stats over time, provides aerial views of the course and gives real-time yardage as you play. For $30, this app is a key part of every round I play.

5. The Gear

What can I say? Who doesn’t want towel innovation in their life. If you play regardless of the forecast,  the Frogger Amphibian Tour Towel Black (2x Larger Than the Original!) is a great addition to your bag.

David Burgess at #3 at Torrey Pines South

David Burgess at #3 at Torrey Pines South

While his business card reads "David Burgess, President of the DMO Division of the Miles Partnership", it is reaching an 11 handicap in just over 5 years of playing golf that he is proudest of when it comes to his passion for golf. You can find him on facebook or perhaps on the course. 

2 - Tokyo Timelapse

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