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My Pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring Videographer - Stephen McFadden

My Pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring Videographer - Stephen McFadden

Video is the new reading, the new literacy. And that makes videographers (camera operators, directors of photography, etc etc) the new scribes, wielding immense power in the capturing and communication of ideas and experiences. 

Stephen McFadden, our close friend and the vision behind the four seasons of 5 things video program, isn't precious about his art. With considerable aplomb, he has made a name for himself shooting video of everything, from his VWTV to burlesque. Here is his essential kit for being a video powerhouse. 

1. Sony UWP-V6/4244 Lav Mic

Good audio is probably more important than a great picture when it comes to video. Investing in great microhones will take your amateur videos from cute to great.

2. LED Video Light 

What good is a perfectly good composed shot if no one can see it? Lighting is key in video because it sets the mood and gives your project a look and a feel. Bad shadows, under composed shots and grainy footage should be reserved for artistic statements, not lack of tools.

3. Tripod System 

Shaky footage is the number one dead giveaway of the work of an amateur. Spare your audience the vertigo by locking that shot down.

4. GoPro

Having a GoPro lifestyle camera is one of the most versatile and overlooked tools for filmmakers. Its great as a second camera to pick up wide angles, specialty camera for extreme slow mo or time lapse or as a behind the scenes camera. The most important thing is that it fits in your pocket and the results are very professional. Make sure you check out the latest Hero3 Black edition

5. Interverlometer
 In the day and age of internet memes, cat videos and mashups, having an interverlometer, like the Canon Timer Remote Controller gives you the ability to create timelapses, mastering the element of time.

Stephen McFadden

Stephen McFadden

Stephen McFadden


Stephen R. McFadden is the cool, calm, creative type. Born and raised in Mississippi, currently a Floridian he shoots, edits, and produces videos specializing in short form web content.  We were lucky enough to work with Stephen on our 4 seasons of 5 things' video.

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