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My Pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring Writing/Director - Jordan Brade

My Pick - 5 things to buy an aspiring Writing/Director - Jordan Brade

Writing is such a thankless effort, such a solitary toil. It is however blessed with some of the best accessories of any vocation. We have asked our friend and writer/director Jordan Brade for his picks of the best of the writers' tools.

"As an aspiring Writer-Director, I love my camera, lenses, fancy computer programs, etc. for filmmaking in general, but I get the most mileage out of my writing gear. Here are a few tools I couldn’t live without."

1. Pens

Seems pretty obvious, but I use the cheap Sanford Uni-ball ONYX pens; they’re comfortable to write with, provide the perfect amount of ink, and if I have plenty of replacements if I lose one.

2. Pocket Notebook

Perfect for jotting down ideas, random words and quotes, or even just for keeping daily to-do lists. I carry my Softcover Moleskine Pocket Notebook with me everywhere!

3. Regular Notebooks

I use the Moleskine Cahier notebooks for plot mapping and rough draft composition. There’s something about the simplicity of these notebooks that make them an absolute joy to write in!

4. Journal

I feel that every writer should have a personal journal filled with writings that no one will ever read. A journal provides a safe haven to develop your personal “voice” in your writing without judgement. I use a large Softcover Moleskine Notebook for mine.

5. Writer’s Bag

The writer’s version of a tool belt! I use mine, a brown Fossil Messenger Bag my mom bought me as a gift, to store everything I could possibly need for a day’s worth of writing.

Jordan Brade

Jordan Brade

Jordan Brade is a hopeless romantic living in Los Angeles, California while trying to make it as a Writer-Director. You can check out his short films at youtube.com/user/Blackfedorah, and, starting in the next few weeks, start reading regular blog entries from him at blackfedorah.com. Also, follow him on twitter and read the insanity that sprouts from his brain: @Blackfedorah.

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