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Jamiel Livingston Finals

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Jamiel (L.O.S.) Livingston

Activist, Radio DJ, Rapper/Singer Songwriter. Discovered he could sing at age 5 from watching MJ on BET & MTV and started Rapping and Battling in 97. He tries to find a way to burn words into people's thoughts. Speech is his gift so and has exercised this at WSLR for 5 years (http://wslr.org). He also does guest spots on Big Blu House tracks (http://www.reverbnation.com/bigbluhouse). He volunteered for Harvey Milk Fest, Grater Newtown's Youth Build and protests for causes he feels strongly about.


Here are Jamiel's 5 things


1. Google could release futuristic glasses by end of year http://5thin.gs/xCTu6Q

"I've been waiting for smart specs for 2 years.These are Ultra Hater Blockers. I could scan your thoughts before you lie to me *smirk*"



2. Light The Underground http://5thin.gs/zN6KGk

"So alluring. I believe photography is painting with light, is it not?"



3. Taste buds that resemble a moonscape http://5thin.gs/ABs7xR

"How many licks does it take? As you can no doubt tell I'm really into Nano tech. These pictures take us where the naked eye will never."


4. Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden! http://5thin.gs/zYcDHR

"Urban Jungle is not always concrete. I couldn't focus on the other links after looking at this. My favorite out of all these "Good job girl" 


5. Monsters of the deep: Tiny sea creatures http://5thin.gs/yvMYd1

"Science fact is way scarier. Dune sand worms are real."


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