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Brian David Braun Finals

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Brian David Braun


From art student, to roadie, to camera operator, to self-taught photographer, Brian David Braun has made a name for himself with his astute eye and badass aesthetic: artists, actors and models now clamoring to be shot by him. A Cincinnati native, he has found himself shooting photos for a living in downtown Sarasota County. 



Here are Brian's 5 things


1. How soon is now  ( Manchester Mix ) by The Smiths http://5thin.gs/y1D9Fn

"The first link is music to listen to while looking at the other 4 links "


2. Bold Industrial Home http://5thin.gs/xaMLsc

"An awesome house in France made out of industrial shipping containers"



3. Snow Drawings: Reservoir Arc 2000 http://5thin.gs/y0WYQe

"Simon Becks frozen crop circles" 



4. Slavoj Žižek hates tulips http://5thin.gs/zMRnE6

"A man who thinks that tulips are truly evil" 


5. Bodies of 21 German soldiers buried alive in WW1 trench found perfectly preserved 94 years later http://5thin.gs/xWm6zz

"The 'Pompeii' of the Western Front"


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