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5 things Showdown: First Round Match-up: Nick Katranis v. Jamiel Livingston

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1. Alison on Photography http://5thin.gs/thYHJn

Jack Radcliffe photographed his daughter Alison from her early childhood to her thirties, and created an engrossing one-page film strip of these shots.

Scrolling up and down the timeline of this girl's life (viewed through such an intimate and sympathetic observer) one glimpses a kind of cinema... suggesting a film that is nearly impossible to make.

An artist living in Woodstock, New York. Nick Katranis is currently working on a film project with Philip Lawson entitled “Port of Souls,” and will be releasing records as McJagger (with Patrick Miller), and British Teeth (solo) in 2012.


2. Public bathroom video games http://5thin.gs/sJ8eU1

Jamiel (L.O.S.) Livingston: Activist, Radio DJ, Rapper/Singer Songwriter. Discovered he could sing at age 5 from watching MJ on BET & MTV and started Rapping and Battling in 97. He tries to find a way to burn words into people's thoughts. Speech is his gift so and has exercised this at WSLR for 5 years (http://wslr.org). He also does guest spots on Big Blu House tracks (http://www.reverbnation.com/bigbluhouse). He volunteered for Harvey Milk Fest, Grater Newtown's Youth Build and protests for causes he feels strongly about. 


Readers of 5 things I learned today are pretty damned interesting themselves. But for the sake of sport, let us pit them against one another to see who can find the most interesting, yes?


5 things Showdown


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