Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 things I learned December 9, 2011

1. Astounding drinking straw sculptures http://5thin.gs/skp1q7


2. Clever short film called "Too Late" http://5thin.gs/tBt37f


3. A mountain bike v. a snowboard http://5thin.gs/trEaj1


4. Rap lyrics FINALLY explained http://5thin.gs/tE2hGl


5. Mexico's #1 free iPad app is a poem by Octavio Paz... take that Dreamland HD: spooky adventure game http://5thin.gs/rUK3pO

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5 things I learned December 16, 2011

5 things Showdown: First Round Match-up: Nick Katranis v. Jamiel Livingston