5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. Praying in the same spot for decades has given this Buddhist Monk some very cool grooves http://bit.ly/b0sBMC

2. The YouTube Time Machine is very well named http://bit.ly/9KTgR3

3. The American Book Review has a great list of novels with the 100 best opening lines http://bit.ly/bZ6akw

4. This always-on wearable camera is.... cool? creepy? silly? fucked up? awesome? the harbinger of the end times? yes. http://bit.ly/cXzg7w

5. Ok, so scientists are some of the coolest folks around. Need proof? Here is a how-to brew beer in a coffee maker with commonly found stuff on a research vessel http://bit.ly/dkj4tr