5 things I learn this week (and don't want to forget) - episode 6 - Double Edition

This week, we have a special double edition: two versions of the same episode. we would love to hear which you prefer. 


1. If I had a silk screening setup I would screen most of these text paintings on T-shirts http://bit.ly/9JBaoX

2. It's called a stringbike, but most important to note is NO CHAIN http://bit.ly/df8ulh 

3. I love this Gymkhana video and I am not even a car guy http://bit.ly/cxj9Cd

4. One of the reasons I love infographics are their ability to make hidden social aspects visible http://bit.ly/d5ksGY

5. What if Superheroes were hipsters, super funny is what http://bit.ly/9auOMT