5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.  Ceramic speakers, circuit board stylings and 1 millimeter thick http://bit.ly/e9tE41

2. If you have recently pulled up alongside someone at a stoplight who is getting down completely to some music you can't hear, it is probably Girl Talk's new album. And here is a way to experience it sample-by-sample http://bit.ly/hbhM2F

3. Although Florence Nightingale is most known for her compassion, her longest lasting contribution was her innovation in the realm of data visualization: the pie chart (she needed to convince her unswayable military commanders of the REAL cause of death for a majority of the casualties of the Crimean War)  http://bbc.in/fNtXY5

4. Because I have recently watched Toy Stories 1 through 3 many many many times, I find this off-color depiction of Woody in his downtime to be particular funny http://bit.ly/icqbq6

5. A massive and amazing kinetic sculpture involving lots and lots of matchbox cars http://bit.ly/fKIKbB


If you are near Sarasota, join us today (Saturday, November 27) at 4 p.m. (-ish) at O'learys as we are filming episode 5. Come out and say hi. We would love to see you.