5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. Hyper-realistic paintings are hypercool http://bit.ly/a53M5o

2. Qwiki made a stir with its first public demo back in September, and now there are things we can look and play with http://bit.ly/901EcO

3. Asking a physics to explain why cartoon physics don't actually work is pretty funny. You can here this taut wire of frustration in his responses http://aol.it/9hL58a

4. Nokia has brought together some future interface ideas for mobile computing. Amazing and yet they do really seem like they are just around the corner http://bit.ly/bTOzq8

5. Kanye West's 35-min experimental film is honestly quite good, albeit pretentious, humorless and over-the-top http://bit.ly/cdip7s