5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.  Public art is an amazing enterprise, and when it is in one of my favorite Manhattan parks (I'll definitely get Madison Square Park and this installation as a backdrop in our next 5 things Travel Edition) and made by an electrical engineer, it is one of my favorite things http://bit.ly/dqMsU5

2. Fascinating chalk murals of animal constellations http://bit.ly/b82WLx

3. The Indonesian volcano, Merapi, is apparently erupting right now. And there are google maps and webcams http://bit.ly/bX5a19

4. One hundred and sixty videos of Andy Kaufman, go! http://bit.ly/btKf0x

5. "Hand Pause: What hands do whilst waiting for devices to catch up with their intent." And other such awesome concepts http://bit.ly/aROEHt