hong kong

Hong Kong is Home: Timelapse


From filmmakers Javin Lau:

"My intent with this project was to illustrate the grandeur of Hong Kong that most people would never get to see. When I had recently watched the movie Oblivion, it had somehow starkly reminded me of Hong Kong, with the feeling of being so insignificantly small -- almost irrelevant to my surroundings. Hong Kong is an unbelievably dense city, where much of the world can be accessed at your fingertips. But in a city where you can access the material world in a matter of seconds, it also has the ability to isolate you from the 8 million people around you as well.

With this piece, I hope that you are able to engage in this contradiction."

1 - Tilt-shifted Hong Kong Timelapse

Hong Kong remains one of my favorite cities, perched as it is on the edges of so many things: Asia, the Pacific, Democracy and Communism. Commonwealth in some of its bones, thoroughly Chinese.