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APP of the Day - Dcovery

APP of the Day - Dcovery

Travel is a space that a lot of apps (and sites before them) have tried to find dominance in. Perhaps the search for the one app to rule them all (much like the platonic spaghetti sauce) is never quite in line with the many different modes and moods of the many different travels and travelers.

Dcover ($3.99 in the AppStore) seems to aim to be the tool for thoughtful travelers, eschewing the "expert picks" of so many travel solutions for the "research organizer", allowing for people who indulge in the fun of planning/imagining their trips to capture and use their research while actually on the trip.

This description makes the app and it's feel sound so bloodless, but in fact, the polished and pretty interface exude a lot of the feelings we hope to feel while traveling (composure, gorgeous and smart). 

Clipping sites and articles that you discover in a way that system smarts to connect them to location and date means there is less fumbling through the guide book, less organizing effort needed by the user.

I am excited to put it to use on my next international trip. I'll share lots of pics, I promise.

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