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2 - Baseball Jerseys Transported to a Soccer Universe

Designer M. Willis needed something to do. He decided as an exercise to test his design chops and indulge his love of soccer. "Soccer Out of Context - a look at how other identities and brand properties would appear in the soccer / fútbol aesthetic, instead of their own. "

His Rules:

  • I’m not reinventing club histories, or pretending clubs were soccer teams all along, just translating their brands to the soccer “universe”.
  • I’m not changing logos, colors or visual properties - just trying to play within existing boundaries.
  • Today I’m using soccer kits - jersey shirts only, really, as this was a quick exercise - as the visual output. One per team, too - no away designs this time.
  • Where I can, I’m making guesses about the identities to fill in blank spots that don’t map easily over to soccer.
  • I’m trying to have fun, and I don’t take this seriously as anything more than palate-cleansing design exercise.

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