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5 most amazing photo posts of 2012


In no particular order, the 5 most amazing photo posts of 2012.

Award-winning photographer Tim Flach brings a portraiture eye and intention to animal photos. Just amazing.

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin makes the normally invisible visible. There are so many more on his LensArt profile.

Tiltshift does this interesting thing where it both removes a lot of the distance between you and the subject and distorts it past recognition.


Russian biologist Alexander Semenov amazing images.

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While it's not the camera, it's the not the software, it's not the lens, it's not the gear that makes a great photo so great, they all do help the photographer capture what it is his eye wants us to see. 
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5 most astounding Timelapses from 2012

5 most astounding Timelapses from 2012

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