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5 Most Beautiful Posts of 2012


Not in any particular order, the 5 most beautiful posts we've made this year.

1. Van Gogh's Starry Sky Remade with Images from Hubble Telescope

Harvard PhD student Alex Parker use the top 100 images from the Hubble telescope and a mosaic-making program to make this stunning version of Van Gogh’s masterpiece.

2. The Form of the Body

On Body Forms: Photos by Klaus Kampert

3. Samsara

Director and cinematographer Ron Ficke (KoyaanisqatsiBaraka) has been hard at work on Samsara for 5 years. The entire film is shot in stunning 70mm. It is a film that relies completely on its visual impact and cinematographic juxtaposition, as there isn't any dialogue. 

Beautifully shot short film on the letterpress.

5. Timelapse of Meteor Shower Over Joshua Tree

via The Atlantic Master Feed:

"In Ascendance, nature photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee documents the Perseid meteor shower at its peak in August, before a backdrop of Joshua Tree National Park and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. It's worth watching the video full screen to appreciate the crisp cinematography and magical details -- rainbows, stars, and more. "

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Million flamingos

At the right time, Kenya's Great Rift Valley is a riot of flamingo pink.

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5 most amazing photo posts of 2012

1 - Wooden Bridges 1,000 Years Old in Rural China