SKYE Weather+Photo

Besides doing this everyday, I have a day job as a user experience designer for BermanBraun here in Santa Monica. 

The cycle for producing an iOS app can vary in length quite a bit. When I first sketched on the screens for SKYE WEATHER+PHOTO in early 2012, I wasn't sure where the exploration would take me. 

The app is live now (iTunes link) and I am excited to hear what you think.

There are two main sections of the app: forecast and photos.

The forecast section includes current, hourly and 7-day weather information for places around the world. 

The photo section lets you discover photos (with weather information stenciled on) in any of the locations around the world. And, if you like, you can add weather stencils to any of your own photos. 

Your weather photos tell the story of your experience, the way it felt to be there at that moment. You can share your photos out to your social networks, save them to your camera roll, and document the weather for those places. 

Here are some of my favorite photos I've taken with the app: