You call the shots. No really, tell me where to shoot. Srsly.

So, there is a special webcam/travel/iphone episode coming up and we are taking requests for shots. What we are missing from Stephen McFadden's fantastic camerawork perhaps we can make up for with a variety of locations and some of his great editing.

So, help challenge me. And be as specific as you want to be. It's a bit like a real-life foursquare but with shots rather than badges (we don't need no badges!). 

We'll be in the airports of TampaNY LaGuardiaJFK and LAX. And aroundManhattanWest Los Angeles and Burbank. And I am certainly gonna try and record some on one of the many planes.


You can either comment here or follow the link ( ) to the collaborative google map where you can edit some of the red pins or add new pins for locations you want us to get.


Thanks! And I look forward to your great ideas.

Ryan @ 5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)