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Joseph Patrick Arnegger

Joseph is a working painter: that is, all that he does seems to be arranged around the goal of painting: painting better and painting more 

Born in Boston in 1969, Joseph Patrick Arnegger grew up in Connecticut, New York and Florida. He began painting at an early age and remembers spending time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and visiting artists' studios in the Hamptons not far from his grandparents' house in Montauk. He graduated from Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota in 1994.

 5 (large paintings that changed my life & where I saw them)

Something about the master at his best, the scale and the setting made for what i can only describe as a religious experience.

Cliché, I know but standing there with her, beauty was personified. 

I was struck by the narrative of the human condition vs. nature at its most unforgiving.

This painting was the first time i realized that the act of painting was just as important as what was being depicted.

The importance of painting as object and not just window. As well as the beauty of the overlooked.

More about Joseph, including his work, can be found at www.sartq.com.

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