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Jaszy McAllister

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 5 (Ways to Teach Your Kids to Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day)

1. The EPA’s Environmental Kid’s Club http://1.usa.gov/eo2Zq4

Explore the environment and learn how to protect it with games, pictures, and stories. 


2. The Arbor Foundation http://bit.ly/g5s5jx

Check out Nature Explore Classroom Activities from The Arbor Foundation. Nature Explore Classroom Activities are designed to bring nature-rich outdoor activities to schools, parks, and playgrounds.

3. Local farmer's market http://bit.ly/hQT4fb

Take your kids to a local farmer’s market where they can connect and learn from local growers and craft artisans!

4. Play in the dirt! 
Read Why Grow Your Own is Important http://bit.ly/eVbWNb

Planting trees or starting a garden is a great way to benefit and honor Mother Earth and teach your kids the importance of outdoor activities. 


5. Attend an Earth Day event in your area http://bit.ly/eHxrDs


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