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5 things Showdown Round 2


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1. The First Word


From Van Jazmin

"Electric Sheep Comix returns with a stunning new HTML5 comic from artist Patrick Farley, portraying Terrence McKenna’s "stoned ape theory".  Let it load and take you on the psychedelic journey of the first humanoid hominids. [NSFW]"


2. Morphonano: Interactive sculpture goes nano


From Jamiel Livingston

"I can't say enough about Morphonano. Opulent in edifying stimuli this exhibit will no doubt reinvigor this generation's imagination. I really felt this piece when first reading about it a few weeks back, then I read about the "Family Day At The Beall" where The Optics Institute of Sol Cal's “Artricks-Optricks” program teaches principles of light, vision, and other optical phenomena. Kids can learn from demo's based in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and design.With hands on learning tools and meditative music filling the room I'd love to take my nieces. "I believe children are our future" And I fallowed Nano tech for 7 years now this is science fact no longer sci-fi."


3. Treehouse Village


From Marc Croswell

"Pretty much I picked it because I lived in Oregon and have never met as many craftspeople in such a small area...this stuff is nothing new for Oregonians...I picked it hoping that this kind of happenings would take off in other parts of the U.S. Plus....I like treehouses and who doesn't like Ewoks?

People need to start building their houses to compliment their personalities... I would prefer to live underground in a hobbit type dwelling..."


4. The Money Infographic 


From Chris Alexander

"The Money Inforgraphic is vast. It should be since it shows all the money in the world, broken down from dollars to trillion. Add a sense of humor and you've got some interesting reading. Example: the visualized the cost of one F-22 Raptor (fighter plane) and a velociraptor (hypothetical, based on Jurassic Park’s budget). Have fun."


5. Hashima, Ghost Island


From Brian Braun

"That's it. Slide show of one the coolest places on Earth. I want to go there."



The 5

Van Jazmin is a cartoonist, writer, and entrepreneur. A Ringling College student and community activist, Van mixes with diverse crowds in the pursuit of all things creative in Sarasota, FL. He has been a key force in Zigzag Magazine (http://5thin.gs/ukCP4L), 529 Clothesline Gallery (http://5thin.gs/uZJeZD), and Third Eye Projections (http://5thin.gs/tJCOfT).  See Van's blog at http://vanjazmin.tumblr.com 

Jamiel (L.O.S.) Livingston: Activist, Radio DJ, Rapper/Singer Songwriter. Discovered he could sing at age 5 from watching MJ on BET & MTV and started Rapping and Battling in 97. He tries to find a way to burn words into people's thoughts. Speech is his gift so and has exercised this at WSLR for 5 years (http://wslr.org). He also does guest spots on Big Blu House tracks (http://www.reverbnation.com/bigbluhouse). He volunteered for Harvey Milk Fest, Grater Newtown's Youth Build and protests for causes he feels strongly about. 


Marc Croswell, a 36 year old Native Cincinnati Photographer who settles disputes using "rock-paper-scissors". The Photography of Marc D.M. Croswell 


Chris Alexander is the creative manager at The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee. He specializes in graphic design, web administration, social media and foosball. He serves as the Activities Chair for the Relay for Life Palmer Ranch, (March 30, 2012), and is the #1 fan of Sarasota's almost-famous actor, Christine Alexander. Chris loves live music & comedy and is inspired to drag himself through the occasional obstacle course. http://facebook.com/chris.alexander


From art student, to roadie, to camera operator, to self-taught photographer, Brian David Braun has made a name for himself with his astute eye and badass aesthetic: artists, actors and models now clamoring to be shot by him. A Cincinnati native, he has found himself shooting photos for a living in downtown Sarasota County. http://briandavidbraunsarasotaphotographer.com



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