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5 things Showdown: First Round Match-up: Victoria Crosby v. Marc Croswell

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1. "Best Street Art of 2011" http://5thin.gs/sZb8Ea

"Okay. Street Art then. Sort of unfair that we only get one and you get five. :-)"

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, she lived in Louisiana and New York and worked for a variety of magazines from Men’s Health to Premiere.

She’s recently relocated to California and is very excited about discovering and exploring her newly adopted home with her two marvelous and magical children, Calder & Auden. http://vsalisbury.com 


2. The Patient Gardner http://5thin.gs/rHqnSR

"In my neverending quest"

Marc Croswell is a 36-year-old, Kubrick-loving button-pusher from Cincinnati, OH. marccroswell.tumblr.com

5 things I learned December 22, 2011

First Round WINNER: Jamiel Livingston