Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 things Showdown: First Round Match-up: Van Jazmin v. John Lichtenstein

After checking out the links, vote for the person you think should go on to the next round, on their way to winning a Kindle.

Whoever has the most votes here, on the this post, by 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Wednesday December 7th moves on.


1.  Zoomquilt http://5thin.gs/uP7SFu

This is the second Zoomquilt collaborative art project, featuring an endless portal of mind-bending digital paintings by over 40 artists. When viewed in full-screen mode, Zoomquilt is an immersive creation fit for repeated viewings - especially under the influence.

Van Jazmin is a cartoonist, writer, and entrepreneur. A Ringling College student and community activist, Van mixes with diverse crowds in the pursuit of all things creative in Sarasota, FL. He has been a key force in Zigzag Magazine (http://5thin.gs/ukCP4L), 529 Clothesline Gallery (http://5thin.gs/uZJeZD), and Third Eye Projections (http://5thin.gs/tJCOfT).  See Van's blog at http://vanjazmin.tumblr.com 


2. éS - Man Wolfs shoe ad http://5thin.gs/sZAFJY

best shoes ad i have ever seen

John Lichtenstein organizes, books, plays bass and omnicord in a Sarasota music projected called THE END OF THE DIAL TONE RADICAL EXPERIMENTAL COLLABORATIVE MUSIC BAND BAND (http://5thin.gs/srSyTK). He also organized Drummer's Night 1 thought 4 (http://5thin.gs/s8m4DZ), an annual show held in Sarasota Cock n Bull pub.




Readers of 5 things I learned today are pretty damned interesting themselves. But for the sake of sport, let us pit them against one another to see who can find the most interesting, yes?

5 things Showdown

Compete in a round by round showdown to win an Amazon Kindle and an article about you and your projects to run and be promoted on 5thingsilearnedtoday.com and our facebook page, google + page and tumblr 


Round 1: 


Bring your best, you most interesting. Whichever of you gets the most "likes" will advance to the next round. 




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