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5 things Showdown: First Round Match-up: Brian Braun v. Justin Powell


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1. The Photos of Paul Cross http://5thin.gs/wXNUj6

 "In my opinion one of the most unique and talented photographers currently working. He finds unique beauty out of the corners of his eyes and finds little vignettes. He uses amazing camera angles reflections, and a unique perspective that is really outside of the box."

From art student, to roadie, to camera operator, to self-taught photographer, Brian David Braun has made a name for himself with his astute eye and badass aesthetic: artists, actors and models now clamoring to be shot by him. A Cincinnati native, he has found himself shooting photos for a living in downtown Sarasota County. 



2. The Movie Set That Ate Itself http://5thin.gs/zwwOM5

 "Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s production of DAU is perhaps “the most expansive, complicated, all-consuming film project ever attempted.”

A 6 year Russian Production. 210,000 extras. 50+ in costume and character LIVE on set: a re-creation of ‘50s and ‘60s Moscow the size of 2 football fields, built to scale. Cast, crew and their guests are fined $125 for using banned terminology such as “CGI” and “Facebook”. In preparation for her role the female lead (the only professional actor in the production) had to spend a full year working at a chocolate factory and hospital to “beat the actress out of her”. Editors work next to a caged dog. 

Thanks to Kyle Cross for sharing this with me last year."

Justin Powell takes photos of sleeping bums, edits video and designs motion graphics, has been trying to work up enough gumption to cut his hair for a year, makes music videos, no longer spends $300 a month at the movie theater, is producing a documentary on Soca music and has a steady hook shot from 15ft out. No Pets. 


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5 things I learned Feb 7, 2012

5 things Showdown: First Round WINNER: Chris Alexander