5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.  A shortlist from PhotoRadar of the Digital Camera Photographer of the year http://bit.ly/9I0x6x

2. If you haven't watched Ze Frank's (http://bit.ly/bj1xWt) Ted Talk (http://bit.ly/a4S6u2), this project is the beautiful one he ended with http://bit.ly/ccvQ4O

3. There have been a number of super cool "small spaces" designs that show how a clever solution can make up for a lack of square footage http://bit.ly/besCS0

4. A fantastic video using ancient sculptures for stop motion animation http://bit.ly/aXNMUm

5. Google has got coverage of the soon-to-be-really-close-to-earth comet (swinging by beginning October 20), Hartley 2 http://bit.ly/dfRg5G