5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.  I have been keeping this one a closely guarded secret for a while now, but, here goes: you can browse through connections of musical artists based on actual user behaviors scraped from Last.FM and Amazon over years and years http://bit.ly/cunLdO

2. What is your desk like? http://bit.ly/a1nLWD

3. Daily photos of the clouds, yeah, Clouds 365 Project http://bit.ly/dkEnzj

4. I am not sure how to take this (losing its nerve, caving in to pressure or learning from its efforts), but GAP is reverting to its old logo http://bit.ly/bF6lZo

5. Enormous lego ship. Kinda crazy enormous. whoa http://gizmo.do/9s18hv