5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.   The FBI put a GPS tracking device on this 20-year-old student's car, and when his mechanic found it, they showed up asking for it back http://bit.ly/9j3opr

2. The flap over the Gap logo redesign has reached the mainstream status as it rockets into the meme-osphere http://bit.ly/ck1rAN

3. A collection of incredibly hot nerdcore rap http://bit.ly/cCrbZ6

4. If you haven't been following the argument Malcolm Gladwell (author of OutliersThe Tipping Point and Blink) has been having with the internet, it is starting to get good http://bit.ly/c1yLtJ

5. Simply the best volcano footage this side of Mount Doom (Frodo Lives!) http://bit.ly/9aU4Jz



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