5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. "Habits of Mind". This guy had me at "pattern sniffing" http://bit.ly/9YqF97

2. Design + Maker culture + clever style = incredibly cool stuff http://bit.ly/9pWOyO

3. Google Reader is one of the key tools for not drowning in the river of information. Here are 5 great tips for using it (and a bonus is to check out www.feedly.com to add some extra brains and style to Google's feed reader)  http://bit.ly/cIboEG 

4. Everyday, a different galactic photo, intergalatic, astronomical, er... space? space photos. A different one every day http://bit.ly/aw6RVe

5. Ooooooh! A collection of some the covers and spreads of Ray Gun Magazine (http://bit.ly/afoSgo) from one of its great art directors http://bit.ly/8ZvXPV