5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. With so many image blogs out there, this one seemed to have a nice balance between interesting, beautiful and exciting, all in a remarkably considerate interface http://bit.ly/93MvWj

2. Equally geeky and awesome, code organ plays a website's code as if it were a musical score http://bit.ly/9gm7gz

3. Not sure if this is a good use of a box of RayBan Aviators, but I know that its MSRP isn't the only part about it that would make me feel a wee bit douchey with it in my house http://bit.ly/ckxqgW

4. Sad to say, but Clever Bot is wittier than many people. http://bit.ly/d0sNre

5. And these ultra-tiny frogs... can't explain http://bit.ly/aaUNxC