5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget) Season 2 Episode 5

1. I am Sparticus. I am McLovin'. I am John McLean. I am Morpheus. 250 Movie introductions. Simple. Awesome. http://bit.ly/c4wWar

2. A photographer/grandson decided to cheer up his sad 91-year-old grandmother this way http://bit.ly/9ICTFH

3. Although Florence Nightingale is most known for her compassion, her longest lasting contribution was her innovation in the realm of data visualization: the pie chart (she needed to convince her unswayable military commanders of the REAL cause of death for a majority of the casualties of the Crimean War) http://bbc.in/fNtXY5

4. I think I want a Play Button (wearable mp3 player) http://bit.ly/bFnUIo

5. The cognitive cost of becoming an expert http://bit.ly/g3jbL2