5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget) Weekly Episode 4 - Season 2


1. A brilliant little idea and the best use of animated gifs EVER http://bit.ly/bLvhH7

2. A NYU professor of photography is going to embed a camera in the back of his head for a year, and program it to take pictures once a minute. A project he calls Third Eyehttp://on.wsj.com/bqfF9I

3. I didn't know you could do those things on a bike. Any one know what this kinda biking is called? Something other than awesome?http://bit.ly/9HjrAx

4. Autocorrect awesomeness. So many of them include "stupid iphone!" http://bit.ly/crgWE5

5. A Life on Facebook is a clever idea, similar to History as Told on Facebook http://bit.ly/aKb7TC