5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1.  A photographer/grandson decided to cheer up his sad 91-year-old grandmother this way http://bit.ly/9ICTFH

2. I am Sparticus. I am McLovin'. I am John McLean. I am Morpheus. 250 Movie introductions. Simple. Awesome. http://bit.ly/c4wWar

3. Newsweek has created an interactive infographic called the Career Tree http://bit.ly/9goLsg

4. Bring Your Own Beamer. A room full of people, each with her own projector. Sounds like a party I think we should make happen http://bit.ly/9JN2YC

5. I think I want a Play Button (wearable mp3 player) http://bit.ly/bFnUIo