5 things I learned today (and don't want to forget)

1. Although b&w photos are beautiful, color photos do a remarkable job of rendering the far-off and long-ago in a way that feels much closer http://bit.ly/cC5z51

2. Not only can you explore the universe through amazing research photographers, you can contribute to our knowledge of the universe http://bit.ly/9FXp5O

3. Straight from the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford comes the Behavior Wizard http://bit.ly/aV3U9Z

4. I have never met a kind of bread I haven't liked. Do you have a favorite? http://bit.ly/aPuhjd

5. Ghostly International has come up with a Color Theory browser for discovering music, a description which really doesn't get at what it does http://bit.ly/bI3Jzk