5 things I learned this week (and don't want to forget) Season 2 Weekly Episode 2

1. Public art is an amazing enterprise, and when it is in one of my favorite Manhattan parks (I'll definitely get Madison Square Park and this installation as a backdrop in our next 5 things Travel Edition) and made by an electrical engineer, it is one of my favorite thingshttp://bit.ly/dqMsU5

2. There is a scene in the Alexandria Quartet that this underwater sculpture garden invokes, most likely unintentionally http://bit.ly/cTy3aD

3. Qwiki made a stir with its first public demo back in September, and now there are things we can look and play with http://bit.ly/901EcO

4. An entire recipe captured in a single photographhttp://bit.ly/cf02N5

5. Hyper-realistic paintings are hypercoolhttp://bit.ly/a53M5o