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5 things I learned November 13, 2011

5 things I learned November 13, 2011 Audio by 5thingsilearnedtoday

1. Now THIS International Space Station timelapse flyover over nighttime earth is stunning and has style http://5thin.gs/w0bGsT


2. Pair what you're listening to to what you should be drinking http://5thin.gs/vcGQcJ


3. The brain is an endlessly fascinating subject and Charlie Rose has dedicated 13 episodes to its discussion http://5thin.gs/tQ6nYO


4. This iPad clock creates a ceaselessly rolling memory of the last minute, hour, etc... http://5thin.gs/sC4IDQ


5. Pulling together lots of sources to create a compelling and complete picture of the last decade http://5thin.gs/vG5Mj8


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