Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 things I learned June 25, 2012

1. The Night Sky [timelapse] http://5thin.gs/KyZrmC


2. Underwater color dance [9 images] http://5thin.gs/KyZxdM


3. Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Painting Made from 7,067 Falling Dominoes [video] http://5thin.gs/KyZIG6


4. Tilt-shift Bullfight in Seville [video] http://5thin.gs/Kz0PFL


5. The Surreal in Real Life: Photography by Andrew Baines [13 photos] http://5thin.gs/Kz1nLH

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