Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 things I learned Jan 5, 2012

1.  This photog's daily self-portrait project (12 1/2 years so far)
ended up capturing his real (and moving) story http://5thin.gs/AbCbt6

2.  One video of many on hand drawn chalk lettering http://5thin.gs/xupliN

3. Funny and plainly instructive 1960s love manual http://5thin.gs/wuAfly

4.  An around the world in 6000 photos time-lapse video http://5thin.gs/A7xh5o

5. A visual aesthetic with a clear point of view (and leather
stockings!!)  http://5thin.gs/xKvKJI


5 things I learned January 7, 2012

5 things I learned Jan 4, 2012