Really: 5 things I learned FROM today. Share with those you love (or even just kinda like).

5 things I learned August 25, 2011

1. Outstanind pencil-tip sculptures (via @seerysm) http://5thin.gs/pDDL9I


2. The 'Collapsing Cube' concept for the Taipei Museum of Art http://5thin.gs/pmUmqG


3. 100 days, 100 songs, 100 posters http://5thin.gs/mT0l1q


4. Using underwater shots as uncanny settings for everyday scenes http://5thin.gs/qZ92Dv


5. Curious stuff, from 100 years out http://5thin.gs/q5i0Ow


One Thing from Our Friend

Hayley Enright of Open Door Acupuncture stuck a bunch of needles in me, exactly where I needed them to be stuck. 

5 things I wanna learn about you

5 things I learned today - Episode 4-10 - Travel Edition - Texas, NM, Grand Canyon, Venice, CA