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5 things I learned about: Urban Ruins

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1. The Ruins of Gary, Indiana [10 photos by David Tribby Photography] http://5thin.gs/qpr81S

I've driven past Gary, and this waning industrial city on the edge of Chicago doesn't seem like there would be beautiful broken things in it, but there are.

2. 'Long Shadow of Chernobyl' project [23 photos] http://5thin.gs/Jloj4p

There have been a spate of stunning, heart-breaking and terrifying stories and projects recently about Chernobyl. From the villages that continue to exist within the contamination zone, to the utterly abandoned cityscapes and the street art that clearly has something more at stake than annoying the residents, it serves as a guide for what will undoubtedly become a more common urban situation.

3. New York’s Greatest Abandoned Movie Theater [12 photos] http://5thin.gs/fXWnHl

There was a heyday for oppulent, luxurious gilded (and gilt) movie houses in New York. These are its remnants.

4. Futuristic abandoned Soviet monuments [25 photos] http://5thin.gs/Jlkr3f

It was a brave new world the soviets were creating and memorializing... These monuments can attest to a new vision, a new culture and a new aesthetic.

5. Abandoned Ships [14 photos] http://5thin.gs/Kd1Ul7

Ships are like micro-cities. These micro-cities broken upon the far-flung shores of the world's seas are remarkably serene. I can see why there is a whole wreck-diving industry out there.

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