5 poems I read May 6, 2011 - Video Special

1. The Idea of Order at Key West by Wallace Stevens http://bit.ly/eOHnom

Read by Ryan Nance


2. The Ecstasy by Phillip Lopate http://bit.ly/lBJjfZ

Read by Samantha Spaulding


3. An Open Letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson by Walt Whitman http://bit.ly/j00Jri

Read by Ashton Goggans


4. Stars by Louise Glück http://bit.ly/hKZca9

Read by Daniel Dean Demerin


5. Meditation at Lagunitas by Robert Hass http://bit.ly/lpl3Iu

Read by Ryan Nance


Videos by Gabriel Hernandez (http://thegabriel.tumblr.com)