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5 poems I read April 5, 2012

1. praise song by Lucille Clifton http://5thin.gs/HQRmh0

to my aunt blanche 

who rolled from grass to driveway 

into the street one sunday morning. 

i was ten.      i had never seen 

a human woman hurl her basketball 

of a body into the traffic of the world. 

Praise to the drivers who stopped in time. 

Praise to the faith with which she rose 

after some moments then slowly walked 

sighing back to her family. 

Praise to the arms which understood 

little or nothing of what it meant 

but welcomed her in without judgment, 

accepting it all like children might, 

like God. 


2. Patience by Kay Ryan http://5thin.gs/HxJ5aZ


3. The Journey by Mary Oliver http://5thin.gs/HQQby0


4. Sediments of Santa Monica by Brenda Hillman http://5thin.gs/HQQEAe


5. The Glass Essay by Anne Carson http://5thin.gs/eyY8C3


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5 things I learned April 6, 2012

5 things I learned April 5, 2012