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2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner: 5 poems I read April 16, 2012 Tracey K. Smith

Tracy K. Smith (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracy_K._Smith) wins 2012 Pulitzer for her book Life on Mars (http://5thin.gs/HNQhoA). Full details here: http://5thin.gs/HNPYKv

5 poems from the winner:

1. My God, It's Full of Stars http://5thin.gs/JrI7hS

2. Sci-Fi http://5thin.gs/JrJmxw

3. Duende [audio of poet] http://5thin.gs/jVbB8F

4. A Hunger So Honed http://5thin.gs/JrKcdu

5. New Road Station [audio of poet] http://5thin.gs/HNPzry

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5 things I learned April 17, 2012

5 things I learned April 16, 2012